Get on the Bus Values

“Get on the Ngākuru School Bus” - On the Road to Success

As we are all heading in the same direction, all using the same school values, it would makes sense that we all get on the Ngākuru School Bus - heading in the same direction - to achieve great things in our learning.

The road to success is not an easy journey but we are helped along the way by our parents, teachers,staff, friends and principal. (This is evident in our school motto - ‘Together We Succeed’. We also have our toolbox full of tools to help us in case we break down - values, learning dispositions etc.

All students will receive a bus ticket and all staff will receive a clicker. Each card has space for 20 clicks. Cards will be kept on a wall display that is visible to the students and easily accessible by them. Our school bus that will soon have all children on, forms the focal point of the display. At any time, staff can give clicks for students who know where they are going in their learning, how they are going and where to next as well as showing our school values.

There are small rewards along the way. Every two weeks, we draw two cards out of the bus box at assembly. These names stay in. We then have a paracord band for each card completed/achieved. Students then achieve a 2nd- blue, 3rd - green, 4th - orange and 5th - gold card as well as a matching band. Please ask your children how many clicks they have on their cards and what they have got them for. After every 5 cards (bands) completed, a special Ngākuru lapel badge is presented.

Ngākuru School Values