Room 1

Term Four

We arrived back on the first day of Term Four and started making our garden show exhibits. Thanks to all the parents for helping the children bring the materials needed. Also, much appreciated Melissa baking cupcakes for the whole school to decorate.

Below are their creative efforts.

It was a great conclusion to our sustainability topic having AG Day. The children made a great effort in caring for their animal. They had great fun showing them off on AG Day.

Term Four

Halloween was a lot of fun. Thanks PTA for organizing it. Here are some pictures from the night.

Thanks Liza for the amazing Transition Playcentre Activities. The 20th November we made Bath Salts in our Play Based Learning.

We continued our Maori Lessons with Matua Grant and in the last few weeks of December we sang Maori Christmas songs and danced.

Term Three

Lots of fun activities: Play based learning with the playcentre, chicks from Amy Sutton to mind, a conservation trip to Sanctuary Mountain and lots of Phys Ed skills.

On the last day of Term Three we all dressed up as our favourite book characters.

Tom at Sanctuary Mountain telling us about the Native Birds on the mountain and how the pests destroy our Native Birds.

Above- Wow look at us at the viewing tower on the top of the canopy of trees. We climbed many steps to get to this amazing place.

Also there is a picture of the tuatara we all saw at Sanctuary Mountain..

Play based Learning with the Playcentre on Tuesdays are a lot of fun. Megan bought a lamb for a visit, we've completed a speech to an audience in the hall and we have had Cricket lessons making this a very busy term. Also, we had a fun massage circle from Marcus and Emily's reading book.

We've started the term with fun activities in Go For It which are revising the motor skills we need for a variety of sports with our new Sports Bay of Plenty Educator Dan.

In Week Three the whole school had an enjoyable and successful trip into the Museum. This related to our previous Topic of Cultural Diversity. Instructed by the educators there, the children had a learning journey about the history of the first hei-tikis. After learning about the Pink and White Terraces we put gloves on and were able to hold some precious hei-tikis. After that we looked at various art creations depicting hei-tikis. At each opportunity there were chances for discussion from their observations. Our visit concluded with the children having a hands on experience and creating their own hei-tikis, which was a lot of fun. Thanks to Sue and Ngati Whakaue for making this possible.

Term Tw0

A great start to this term. We welcomed Zoe, Kaelyn, Mila and now Thea to our awesome class. Anzac Periscopes, Cooking Anzac Biscuits, Play based learning with the Playcentre, Autumn leaf rubbings and poetry, a Cultural Diversity Topic, Aborigine Art and Maths with Room Two have been a lot of fun. We were delighted to have guest speakers from Zimbabwe, England, The Phillipines, South Africa and Sweden. We learnt lots of information about these countries and ate their special foods and played games from the adult's childhood.

Welcome at the end of the term to George whose attitude and effort are enhancing our room already. Happy Learning Days at Ngakuru School.

We had a lot of fun with a Cultural Festival on the last week of term. Here are pictures of the kites we all made to celebrate Matariki. The groups were in mixed ages and all children worked hard on this technology challenge in Room One. Awesome senior children for the support of the juniors in your group.

Look at the Puppets in the above picture made from Play based learning with the Ngakuru Playcentre.

Term One

A great start to Term One. Welcome Harriet you are a pleasure to have in our room. Everyone else is enjoying their first week back. Here are some pictures of our first week Swimming, Art Activities, Go Noodle Activities and our first Playcentre Visit for 2018.

We had fun on Friday sharing together various collage items to create a self portrait of ourselves.

This week we started weekly lessons on the fundamental skills of the New Get Set Go Programme with Stephanie from Sports Bay of Plenty. It was a very informative, varied and fun lesson

Liza brought over the older Playcentre children as part of our Transition School Partnership Visits to Room One. We enjoyed creating our own decorated face to eat later as a delicious treat. This is interrelated to our Citizenship Topic about ourselves. Thanks Liza for your support. Much appreciated.

Liza brought over the older Playcentre children to continue our transition partnership. we had fun making a bubble picture together.

The Life Education Van with Bernie and Harold came to school. We learnt about what we need, to live a healthy life and how we can be a good friend. We sang a song and did actions for Harold in the masks we made. We loved their visit.

Room One got ready for Easter with a lot of fun activities including decorating marshmallows, an Easter Egg Hunt and the creation of their own Bunny Ears.

Great excitement in Room 1 at the end of Term 1 we started working on our reading programmes on the iPads with partners

Lots of fun together