Welcome to Ngākuru School - An Exciting, Motivating and Positive Learning Environment for all to excel in! 

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Ngakuru School is a vibrant, country, full-primary school. We offer education for Year 1-8 students. Our school is situated in stunning rural Ngakuru, nestled amongst dairy farms, very close to Rotorua.  Our small class sizes and wide, open spaces are our biggest advantage! 

Our school is well resourced, with a solar-heated swimming pool, rugby field, a new astroturf, library, adventure playgrounds, a native tree gully and school bus transport. We have access to the community hall next door.

We welcome all students. 

Ngākuru School

Education Review Office (E.R.O.)

Our 2017 Education Review Office visit was extremely positive.  Some comments are below and you can read the full report  ​ here.

Teachers are using many effective strategies to engage children in meaningful learning opportunities. There are strong relationships for learning and children are well engaged, settled and responding to the high expectations for learning and behaviour. 

Leadership is focused on building effective school-wide systems, expectations and professional knowledge to improve outcomes for all learners. The new principal is successfully developing a culture of professional collaboration and mutual respect with all staff. 

The board works effectively with the school and community. Trustees are working well to preserve close links between the school and its rural heritage. 

Parents have a strong sense of belonging, commitment and pride for Ngakuru School. They are actively involved in all aspects of school life and their contributions are welcomed and valued. 

Community Consultation Survey Oct 2019