Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Ngākuru School

A major strength of our country school is that we have been able to maintain a close, collaborative sense of community where we have strong connections that enable our children to interact with one another from Year 1-8. Our children have the best of both worlds in that they take part in all of what the larger Rotorua schools do, but are still able to come home and be country kids.

Our students achieve academically with progress showing improvement yearly, at the highest levels. We are passionate about our sport and fielded two hockey teams in 2017 with two rep players chosen for Rotorua. 2018 was the first time ever that we have entered into a team sport at AIMS Games as we played 6-a-side hockey. We will do both in 2019. We play football and cricket.

We take part in Rotomaths, Top Schools, EPro8 and anything else that we can enjoy!

All students are well known by our caring staff thus programmes can be tailored towards the individual and all behaviour expectations met.

Children feel like they are part of a team and close community in a school of our size, nature and location, where mixed age group interaction is a regular feature of our programmes and break times. Buddy reading, games and YS Phonics just to name a few.

Our exciting building projects and maintenance program is underway. We have a brand new turf!

We are developing our future focused curriculum to serve the needs of our children. Our junior room teacher is currently undergoing PD in play-based learning and our Rotorua Central Community of Learning PD focus for 2019/20 is Visible Learning based on the research of Prof. John Hattie.

We have started our sustainability and environmental education journey through our gulley rejuvenation project, hut making, tree climbing, farming education and making connections with Wingspan and other local farming and horticultural companies.

Citizenship this year will be about building relationships with our class members and other people within our community and globalization will be about how we relate to our world. Building Financial Capability into our curriculum ensure that our students develop ways of looking after money.

All children from Year 0-8 learn Māori kupu, waiata and tikanga.

Please come to our school for a visit to experience a real country school and environment.

Hope to meet you soon,

Gareth Cunliffe