School Pool Info

Access to the Ngakuru School Swimming Pool can be gained over Summer by purchasing the gate code from the school office.

Access to the pool is by combination code only. Hire is $40 per Ngakuru School family or $60 for other community members per season. With a code, you are able to access the pool outside of school hours over summer.

Ngakuru School BOT reserves the right to close the pool for maintenance or other reasons. We will notify you by email if this occurs. We will also notify you when the pool is being closed at the end of the season.

By accepting this code, you also accept the following guidelines:


  • The pool code must not be given to or shared with anyone other than the adults who have paid for the code. DO NOT SHARE IT WITH CHILDREN.

  • When you unlock the gate, do not leave the combination showing ie - muddle up the combination on the lock.

  • Ensure that others don’t enter the pool area unless you are satisfied that they have also purchased a code.

  • The gate is to be closed at all times and the last person locks it securely. DO NOT PROP IT OPEN.


  • All children under 16years of age must be actively supervised in and around the pool area. An adult must be present at all times.

  • No running, bombing or diving into the pool. The pool is not deep enough.

  • Ngakuru School will not be held responsible for injuries or accidents that occur in and around the pool area. Enter at your own risk.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

  • Any swimmer who is sick, or has been sick in the 24 hours prior to swimming, cannot swim. Sickness includes but is not limited to, vomiting, diarrhoea, a cough, runny nose, or fever.

  • Users must ensure that feet and body are free from dirt, grass etc. before getting in. Use the nearby hose or outdoor shower to wash grass off feet if necessary.

  • Please make sure you and your family have been to the toilet before you come to the school. The school toilets will be locked most of the time unless there is a staff member on site.

  • Children who are not fully toilet trained must wear a swimming nappy in the pool. Please dispose of this at home after your swim.

  • If you believe the pool to have been contaminated by faecal matter or other contaminants, please phone or text Rachel Weinberg on 021302837 so that the pool can be closed for cleaning. All users will be notified by email if this occurs.

  • No food, drink or alcohol will be consumed in the pool area.

  • No glass containers are allowed in the pool enclosure.

  • All rubbish must be taken away with you when you leave.

  • All clothing, towels etc. must be removed from the change rooms and pool area after swimming.

  • The school grounds are smoke free at all times.

Care for the Pool

  • Ensure that the cover has been replaced after use unless there are other swimmers still in the pool. The cover helps keep our pool warm and clean. The cover is heavy - it is essentially a two person job to roll it on and off smoothly. Please take your time to do this properly so that it does not bunch and cause stress on the mechanism.

  • Use the ladder to climb in and out of the pool. Do not stand on the silver pipe at the changing room end of the pool - it is not strong enough to hold a person’s weight.

Please remember that it is in your best interests to follow these rules for everyone’s enjoyment and safety. If it so happens that the pool is mistreated or safety is compromised, the pool will be closed to users outside of school hours.

Cost is $40 per Ngakuru School family or $60 for other community members per season.

Contact Karen at to organise payment and signing of the Conditions of Use.